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3.1. Core Library Functions

3.1.1. dbi_initialize

int dbi_initialize(const char *driverdir)

Locates all available shared modules (drivers) and loads them into memory.


driverdir: The directory to search for drivers. If NULL, DBI_DRIVER_DIR (defined at compile time) will be used instead.


The number of drivers successfully loaded, or -1 if there was an error.

3.1.2. dbi_shutdown

void dbi_shutdown()

Frees all loaded drivers and terminates the DBI system. You should close each connection you opened before shutting down, but libdbi will clean up after you if you don't.

3.1.3. dbi_version

const char *dbi_version()

Requests the version of libdbi. The calling program must not attempt to free the returned string.


A string containing the library's name and version.