mod_auth_pam Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. I want to use other authentication modules, how do I turn mod_auth_pam off for one directory?


    AuthPAM_Enabled off
    in your .htaccess

  2. I configured mod_auth_pam in the .htaccess as shown above, but Apache doesn't ask for username/password. Why?

    Most likely, per-directory authorization configuration is disabled. Use

    AllowOverride AuthConfig
    in your access.conf

  3. I get lots of "undefined references" when compiling Apache with your module, why?

    You are using Apache 1.3 and an old version of mod_auth_pam.c. Get v0.7 from the downloadables section.

  4. I get "500 server error" instead of a password prompt when trying to access a password protected page. Why?

    You are probably using an incorrect .htaccess configuration. Please check your servers error_log for details.

  5. I get "500 server error" after entering the password for a password protected page

    The username you entered is probably not in the system database. In that case, mod_auth_pam falls through to mod_auth and mod_auth needs more configuration than mod_auth_pam. Solution: Either disable fall-through or configure AuthUserFile and AuthGroupFile for mod_auth

  6. Does mod_auth_pam work with shadow passwords?

    Yes, but you have to make some changes to the shadow password file. See Using Shadow with PAM for details.

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