PLT DrScheme: Programming Environment Manual



(define ...) button
.bak, [2], [2]
> prompt

About DrScheme... menu item
About DrScheme
Add Teachpack... menu item
Advanced Student language
Ask before changing save format preference
Auto-save files preference
Automatically print to postscript file preference
autosave files

backup files
Backup files preference
Beginning Student language
Beginning Student language with List Abbreviations
Break button
Break menu item, [2]
Bring Frame to Front... menu item

Check for Updates... menu item
Check Syntax
Check Syntax preferences
Choose Language menu item
Clear All Teachpacks menu item
Clear Error Highlight menu item
Clear menu item
Close menu item
Collapse menu item
Comment Out with a Box menu item
Comment Out with Semicolons menu item
configuration files
constructor-style output
Copy menu item
Correct parens preference
corrupt installation detected
Count line and column numbers from one preference
Create Executable... menu item
Create Servlet... menu item
Cut menu item

definitions window
Delete menu item
Delete Test Case menu item
disk requirements
Display line numbers in buffer; not character offsets preference
    Environment Variables
DrScheme Files
DrScheme Teachpacks

Emacs keybindings
Enable keybindings in menus preference
Environment Variables
error highlighting
evaluating expressions
Execute button
Execute menu item, [2]
execution speed
Extending DrScheme

file extensions
filename button
Find Again menu item
Find menu item, [2], [3]
Flash paren match preference
flashing parenthesis matches
flashing quotation mark matches
font preference
formatting Scheme code
Frequently Asked Questions
frequently asked questions

graphical interface
gray highlight regions

    Using PLT's internal browser
Help Desk
Help Desk menu item
Help menu item
Hide Contour menu item
Hide Definitions menu item
Hide Interactions menu item
Hide Profile menu item
Highlight between matching parens preference

Indenting preferences
indenting Scheme code
Input and Output
Insert Comment Box menu item
Insert Fraction... menu item
Insert Image... menu item
Insert Lambda menu item
Insert Large Letters... menu item
Insert Scheme Box menu item
Insert Scheme Splice Box menu item
Insert XML Box menu item
Install PLT File... menu item
installation instructions
interactions window, [2]
Interface Essentials
Interface Reference
Intermediate Student language
Intermediate Student with Lambda language
Is English your mother tongue? menu item

    b, [2]
    C-x C-s
    C-x C-w
    C-x u
    copy selection to clipboard
    cut complete sexpression
    delete backward one character
    delete backward one word
    delete forward one character
    delete forward one S-expression
    delete forward one word
    delete forward to end of line
    delete selection to clipboard (cut)
    M-C-k, [2]
    match parentheses backward
    move backward one character
    move backward one page
    move backward one S-expression
    move backward one word
    move backwards to the nearest editor box, [2]
    move down into a nested S-expression
    move down into an embedded editor, [2]
    move forward one character
    move forward one page
    move forward one S-expression
    move forward one word
    move forward to the nearest editor box, [2]
    move to beginning of file
    move to beginning of line (left)
    move to end of file
    move to end of line (right)
    move to next line (down)
    move to previous line (up)
    move up out of an embedded editor, [2]
    move up out of an S-expression
    paste from clipboard (yank)
    save file
    save file under new name
    search for string backward
    search for string forward
    select forward S-expression
    toggle dark green marking of matching parenthesis
    toggle overwrite mode
    transpose characters
    transpose sexpressions
    transpose words
    undo, [2]
Keybindings menu item
Keyboard Shortcuts
keyboard shortcuts
Kill menu item

language levels, see languages
launcher executables
Log Definitions and Interactions... menu item

Map delete to backspace preference
Memory and Performance
memory requirements
menu items
Module Browser... menu item
module language
Most Recent Window menu item
multimedia file format

New menu item
New Test Case menu item
New Test Suite menu item
Next Window menu item

Only warn once when executions and interactions are not synchronized preference
Open Recent menu item
Open Test Suite... menu item
Open... menu item
output format
overwrite mode

Paste menu item
plain-text file format
PLT Graphical (MrEd) language
PLT Pretty Big language
PLT Textual (MzScheme) language, [2], [3]
preference files
Preferences... menu item
Previous Window menu item
Print Definitions... menu item
Print Interactions... menu item
Printed Results
printing format

quasiquote-style output

read-eval-print loop
recycling icon
Redo menu item
Reindent All menu item
Reindent menu item
Related Web Sites menu item
Replace & Find Again menu item
Reuse existing frames when opening new files preference
Revert menu item

Save button
Save Definitions As Text... menu item
Save Definitions As... menu item
Save Definitions menu item
Save Interactions As Text... menu item
Save Interactions As... menu item
Save Interactions menu item
Save Other menu item
Search in Files... menu item
Select All menu item
Show Contour menu item
Show Definitions menu item
Show Interactions menu item
Show Profile menu item
Show status-line preference
Show/Hide Equality Tests menu item
Split menu item
stand-alone executables, [2]
status line
Step button
storage requirements
Supported Operating Systems and Installation
supported platforms

Test Suite Window
The Editor
The Interactions Window
The Stepper
The Test Suite Window

Uncomment menu item
Undo menu item
Use separate dialog for searching preference
Using DrScheme

Verify exit preference

Wrap Text menu item
Wrap words in editor buffers preference

XML, [2]

yellow and black messages